Novashare version 1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 of our Novashare WordPress plugin was released on October 8, 2020.

Changelog summary

This is the most significant Novashare update so far, and we’re excited about all the changes (many came from user feedback). We never like pushing out updates that require user interaction, but to ensure scalability for features and performance moving forward, we’ve made some changes to the core styles and button sizes. You may want to clear your site/CDN cache and double-check your button sizes. Read more at

  • Added new Button Style options with 6 available styles for inline content and 2 available styles for the floating bar.
  • Added new Button Layout option for inline content buttons with support for up to 6 columns.
  • Added new Button Label options for inline content buttons to display social network labels next to their respective icons.
  • Added new Total Share Count options for inline content and floating bar for positioning before and after social buttons as well as changing text color.
  • Added new Remove Spacing options for inline content and floating bar to hide margins around buttons in either location.
  • Added new Mobile Background Color for the floating bar.
  • Multiple additions and improvements to JavaScript translation support throughout the plugin.
  • Added top margin to inline content buttons displayed below post content.
  • Added default variable to embed title filter for better error handling.
  • Made small style adjustment to Pinterest image hover buttons for better compatibility with captions.
  • Fixed multiple PHP warnings coming from the settings and main functions files.
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