Perfmatters version 2.0.6

Version 2.0.6 of our Perfmatters WordPress plugin was released on March 2, 2023.

Changelog summary

  • Added new Minimal v4 script type option in local analytics.
  • Added support for ::after pseudo element when lazy loading CSS background images.
  • Added support for AVIF images in a source tag to preload critical images feature.
  • Added new perfmatters_preload_critical_images filter.
  • Added new perfmatters_image_dimensions_exclusions filter.
  • Added notice to plugin update row if there is not an active license key.
  • Added async attribute to Instant Page script tag.
  • Added async attribute to all relevant local analytics script tags.
  • Reworked preload class to allow managing preloads entirely with perfmatters_preloads filter if needed.
  • Fixed an issue in MU Mode where plugins would not always disable correctly when helper plugins with similar directories were also active.
  • Fixed a couple of PHP warnings in MU plugin that would show up when certain variables were not declared.
  • Fixed an issue where our lazy loading script was attempting to load in images that had been prepped by another active lazy loader.
  • Fixed an issue where base64 encoded images were being picked up by missing image dimensions feature.
  • Removed BETA tag from preload critical images option.
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Brett Jackson

Developer from Vancouver, WA, who loves building web applications. And of course, anything WordPress.

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