Perfmatters version 2.1.7

Version 2.1.7 of our Perfmatters WordPress plugin was released on September 29, 2023.

Changelog summary

  • Added Delay JS quick exclusion for WP Forms.
  • Script Manager style updates to match some recent changes to the main settings UI.
  • Script Manager security updates to form submission handling.
  • Added logic to strip whitespace from input row text fields used for preloads, preconnects, and fetch priority options.
  • Adjusted CDN Regex slightly to account for certain subdirectory formats.
  • Added specification to lazyload exclusion to only skip the fetchpriority attribute when set to high.
  • Added Cornerstone request parameter to excluded page builders array.
  • Updated certain AJAX action names to be specific to Perfmatters to prevent conflicts.
  • Updated missing image dimension function to better handle images that have been prepped by lazy loaders outside of Perfmatters.
  • Added Novashare discount link to plugin settings UI for Perfmatters customers.
  • Fixed an issue where the database optimization process would not run correctly if selected toggles were not saved first.
  • Fixed an issue in MU Mode where core cookie constants were not set in a specific instance when checking for the current post ID.
  • Translation updates.
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Brett Jackson

Developer from Vancouver, WA, who loves building web applications. And of course, anything WordPress.

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