Perfmatters version 2.2.1

Version 2.2.1 of our Perfmatters WordPress plugin was released on January 4, 2024.

Changelog summary

  • Removed deprecated Universal Analytics options which are no longer available and renamed remaining script type labels. If you still haven’t updated to Google Analytics 4, make sure to create a new profile and input your new measurement ID.
  • Added new tools option to Disable Optimizations for Logged In Users.
  • Added new perfmatters_leading_image_exclusions filter.
  • Added support for targeting figure elements to CSS Background Images.
  • Added REST route exception for Litespeed.
  • Added and updated Delay JS quick exclusions for Gravity Forms, Mediavine Trellis, Modula Slider, SHE Media Infuse, Thrive Leads, and WP Recipe Maker.
  • Added built-in Delay JS exclusion for Divi link options script.
  • Added generic customizer request parameter to excluded page builders array.
  • Made some adjustments to classes dealing with cache directory files to support non-traditional folder structures such as Bedrock.
  • Fixed a PHP warning related to cache URL declaration that would sometimes display for certain types of requests.
  • Fixed an issue where picture elements were not getting excluded from lazy loading when fetchpriority high was set on a child image.
  • Removed unnecessary script type attribute from our Delay JS inline script.
  • Translation updates.
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Brett Jackson

Developer from Vancouver, WA, who loves building web applications. And of course, anything WordPress.

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